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5 Genshin Impact Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know

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Genshin Impact has gained global popularity since its global release last September. The game offers heaps of playable content, with the open world of Teyvat holding lore and treasure waiting to be uncovered. As players take the Traveler through their journey to find their lost sibling, they often find little novelties that the game has to offer.

Even with patch 1.5 on the brink of release, there are a lot of interesting features that many players haven’t yet noticed.

1. Vision symbols:

Genshin Impact Electro, Pyro , Dendro, Hydro Vision Collection Embroidered  Iron-on Patches in 2021 | Art bundle, Pyro, Character art

A character’s vision is written in the top-left of the screen when viewing the Characters panel. Next to it, there is always an emblem that symbolizes the Vision. This emblem is also worn by the characters, shown somewhere in their outfit. 

Interestingly, the emblem for a character’s Vision is designed according to that character’s background. More specifically, it varies depending on the character’s home nation. Liyue emblems are box-shaped, with a diamond-shaped slot where the Vision element is displayed. Meanwhile, Mondstadt’s characters have rounder emblems. And since Childe is the only character currently from Snezhnaya, his emblem is currently the only one of its kind.

The Traveler’s emblem is also currently unique to them, and it probably will be for quite some time. If and when the lost sibling, or anyone else from the Traveler’s homeworld, is made playable, maybe then players will see another character with the same emblem.

2. Archons’ glowing hair:

Zhongli using his Elemental Burst in Genshin Impact (image via MELOO)

Many players have probably noticed by now that all the five-star characters in the game have unique cutscenes for when they use their Elemental Burst. More subtly, there’s a similarity between Venti and Zhongli, the current playable Archons, when they use their Burst abilities. Venti and Zhongli both have hair with colored tips, and that color reflects their elements. And moreover, whenever either of them uses their Burst, the tips of their hair glow vibrantly, before eventually returning to normal after the Burst animation concludes.

3. Zone effects:

Genshin Impact Fishing | How to Fish, all fishing spots, fishing bait, and  respawn times | VG247

Players have learned how to make great use of characters like Chongyun and Bennett, whose abilities let them create a circular zone that in some way helps them or the other party members. The zone, surprisingly enough, does not account for elevation. That is to say: a player can create a zone, then descend to a lower elevation and still receive the effects of that zone as long as they’re still within the borders.

4. Venti’s arrows react in the rain:

The best Genshin Impact Venti build | PCGamesN

At some point, many players have surely fired a few aimless arrows through the sky. As it turns out, if players do this when it rains, there might just be an elemental reaction mid-air. Venti’s arrows react with the rain to produce a Swirl, which has its own short animation. The same is true for Amber’s charged attacks. Her flaming arrows, if sent through a rainy sky for too long, will be extinguished.

5. Bennett’s birthday:

Genshin Impact Birthday Rewards: how to set your birthday, and what present  you'll get | RPG Site

Despite being one of the best support characters in the game, Bennett is a noticeably unlucky character. Part of Bennett’s backstory is that he started “Benny’s Adventure Team,” but he is the only consistent team member because of his infamous bad luck. MiHoYo has definitely focused Bennett’s character design around this one idea. And just for emphasis, they set his birthday to February 29th – the day that only comes around on leap years.

Here we bring you the list of 5 fun facts about the Genshin Impact game. We hope you enjoy it. For more interesting writing about Genshin Impact, visit our website!


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